Remaining minutes.

“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.” –  Euripides

A year ago, a close family friend died. The details were sad and tragic, and I would not like to rehash the memories of the past May 31st.  The next few days, are spent on grieving and my 19th birthday is my saddest one so far. He was the first person that I got techniques on computer troubleshooting and repairing, the person who I turn to when my ink and supplies run low, one of the people who taught that course shift is a good choice. We are not related by blood, but my mom considers him as a younger brother and us as an uncle. We are all saddened, just as everyone else in the neighborhood is. And all we can do is shed tears.


His death imparted me an idea. That death is just lurking in the corner. That everyone can die not knowing when or how. We had some deaths on the family before, the grandparents from the both sides of the family are all gone but that was when I was still a little girl, a close cousin died on my 4th year of high school and all I was thinking back then was I can’t see and climb the mango trees with him anymore. It was only Kuya Nick’s death that made me see that death is real.

Earlier, his family organized a padasal for his First Death Anniversary. We all miss him, how he would react to my mom’s antics, how he would joke about this or that, how he would insist that A LOT of pictures be taken on his camera and little things that reminds us of him. And for the remaining minutes of May 31st, I decided to dedicate this post to the man who made me see that death is inevitable and part of the cycle of life.




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9 thoughts on “Remaining minutes.

  1. hello, Fate… thanks for the visit and the like. hope you are feeling a bit better now… :) condolence to you and your family, pati sa pamilya ng Kuya mo… maganda ang iyong pag-unawa – na totoo pala ang kamatayan. hindi inaasahan, pero dumarating at nangyayari sa ating buhay. ^^

    ngiti ka pa rin… be brave. :) ~ ate san

  2. And death should also teach us to be inspired by the people who are still with us, to see their worth, and to make them feel their worth while they are still around us ;-)

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